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Ventilation Services

When you are at home, you are expecting to be comfortable in your surroundings. After all, your home is your safe place to go to after a long day of work or school. When your ventilation system is not properly working, this comfort is put into jeopardy. The same goes for your business. You want to make sure that your employees and customers are in a safe and comfortable environment. If your ventilation system requires some TLC, this might not happen. That is why seeking out air duct cleaning services in Palm Bay and its surrounding areas is so important.

Thankfully, when you need to get your ventilation system checked, the team of experts here at Fresh Air & Heat can help! We offer several different ventilation services, such as air duct cleaning, that can help maintain the level of comfort you are used to. If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation for your air duct cleaning, call us today!

Not many people think about ventilation systems until they have a problem. There are so many different kinds of problems that can occur in your home with your air conditioning or heating system, but have you considered what might go wrong with the vents themselves?

Ventilation is an essential aspect of having a healthy, functional indoor climate. Air ducts, vents, and grilles move warm or cool air through your home without allowing too much cold or hot into the rooms that are mostly occupied. While most homeowners know to change the furnace filter regularly, they may not think about regularly cleaning their venting system. Even if they’re not thinking about it now, they probably will soon enough-once, something goes wrong.

What We Offer

Here at Fresh Air & Heat, we offer comprehensive ventilation services, including inspection and cleaning for all types of heating systems. We can clean your furnaces, air filtration units, stove vents, dryer vents, and more to ensure that the air moving through them is as clean as possible.

In addition to our superior customer service on every job, you can be confident in knowing that Fresh Air & Heat technicians are highly experienced and adequately trained in air duct cleaning, with a track record of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers over the past two decades.

The Problem With Neglecting Vent Cleaning

When homeowners fail to keep their venting system in good working order, they risk opening up their homes to several potentially serious problems. While most tend to focus on dirty or clogged vents leading to inadequate heat distribution, there are several other issues that you should be aware of:


Did you know that indoor allergens can move through your ductwork? When this happens throughout your home, not only do allergies cause discomfort, they can also lead to severe health problems such as asthma.

Dirty Air

Even when your venting system is clean and clear, not having your ducts cleaned regularly will cause the air moving through them to be much dirtier than it would otherwise be. This reduces airflow and can make it much more difficult for furnace filters and other respiratory protection to do their job effectively.


Did you know that proper ductwork can circulate over a thousand cubic feet of cool air per minute? That constant flow of cool air throughout your home, especially in the hot and humid Florida climate, is why having regular maintenance on your ductwork is so essential. Ductwork enables the circulation of the conditioned air from your heating and cooling systems to different areas of your home or office. If your ducts are leaky, dirty, or damaged, your comfort and indoor air quality can suffer significantly. At Fresh Air & Heat, we provide reliable ductwork repairs throughout Brevard County and Florida’s Space Coast.

There are many HVAC air duct cleaning services that we offer to make sure that your ducts are properly working. If your ducts are experiencing problems such as these, call us today to schedule a free consultation:

  • Rooms that are challenging to heat or cool
  • Spaces that feel stuffy and uncomfortable
  • Rising utility bills in the summer and winter
  • Damage to ductwork in the attic, garage, or crawl space
  • Flexible ducts to replace those that are kinked or tangled

Ductwork tends to get dusty and dirty due to the buildup of dust and debris that circulates through your air system. This can negatively impact you and everyone else in your house, causing everything from nasal irritation to coughing, wheezing, allergic reactions, and even poor sleep quality.

Increased Fire Risk

Those looking for an additional reason for air duct cleaning might consider this: there’s a higher risk of fire without proper cleaning and maintenance. Excess dust can build up in joints between sections of the vent pipe or other connection points; while it may not be especially likely at the time of service, prolonged neglect increases the chance that something like this occurs.

Dryer Ventilation Services

To prevent dangerous dryer malfunctions such as dryer fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, mold growth, excessive drying times, and overheating, utilizing a professional dryer vent installation and repair service is crucial. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of the process. Whether you need a new dryer vent system installation or want to replace an old or hazardous system, Fresh Air & Heat provides experienced dryer vent installation and repair services.

We offer several comprehensive and reliable dryer vent services, including:

  • Vent Installation
  • Detailed Vent Rerouting
  • Vent Repair
  • Booster Fan Installation

No matter what is required for your dryer vents, our team here at Fresh Air & Heat can help! We offer dryer ventilation services for homeowners throughout the area. Our technicians can inspect your home, determine where airflow is blocked or restricted, and clean out any dust buildup on outside vents and indoor units. This will lead to lower repair costs for your dryer over time and increased personal comfort.

Blown-In Insulation

You may have heard this term before with contractors and real estate agents, but you might not know precisely what it means. No worries, because we here at Fresh Air & Heat are here to help! Blow-in insulation (or loose-fill insulation) refers to the process of filling stud, joist cavities, or covering attic floors, with any loose material that has an excellent insulating R-value. Styrofoam pellets or loose fiberglass fibers are materials made for this purpose. However, the standard material is cellulose. Whether it’s for wall cavities or attic space, this method is the best means of adding insulation to existing construction.

There are two different types of blown-in insulation that our team at Fresh Air & Heat can help you install:

  • Fiberglass
  • Cellulose

If you are unsure about which type of insulation to install or what kind of ventilation services you require, contact our team of experts!

Blown-in insulation is a process that fills the space between sections of the vent pipe or other connection points with insulation material. While it may not be especially likely at the time of service, prolonged neglect increases the chance of something like this occurring.

Importance of Proper Ventilation

Living in a comfortable home and working in an open business is very important. This is because your mood will significantly improve as you will not have to worry about stuffy air or humid heat. You can relax knowing that you have a properly functioning ventilation system.

However, this is only when you regularly check and maintain your ventilation system. If you wait too long to fix any potential problems your system might be facing, your home or business could suffer as a result. Ensure your ventilation system is working as intended, and if it is not, call our team at Fresh Air & Heat immediately.

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Why Are Ventilation Services Important?

Ventilation services are essential because they provide homeowners with the following benefits:

Energy Saving

By installing insulation within your ventilation system, you’ll save on energy costs by keeping the hot or cold air in your home rather than allowing it to escape through holes and cracks. The extent of your current air conditioning usage is closely linked to the amount of ventilation you are currently providing for indoor air. With proper duct management, an air conditioner can be used for much less time because fresh outdoor air will not have to be re-conditioned by your home’s heating and cooling system. As a result, your monthly energy expenses will decrease because you run your HVAC system much less often.

Improved Air Quality

Gaps for outdoor particles entering your ventilation system will be minimized; this will positively affect people living with asthma and those with allergies. More comfort is also added due to the reduced noise of airflow. Indoor air pollutants include many familiar sources such as environmental tobacco smoke, cooking odors, and respiratory viruses carried by occupants. Proper ventilation and filtration remove these pollutants from the indoor environment.

In many homes, windows and doors are left open to provide adequate ventilation when the weather is nice. Unfortunately, this practice results in much of that good air being lost to the outdoors when occupants need it most during colder months or in a contained space such as a bedroom, office, or school classroom. Installing a ventilation system allows you to capture outdoor air when needed and circulate it through your home when conditions allow opening windows and doors.

Prevention of Structural Damage

Cracks in brickwork, foundations, mortar joints, exterior walls, roofs, and chimneys can all be caused by poor ventilation practices. A professional inspection can identify where these gaps are forming to be completely sealed off before water leakage is damaged.

Reduced Risk of Contaminated Structures

A property can become contaminated if exposed to hazardous materials such as asbestos, mold, mildew, carbon monoxide, or lead during its lifetime. Some of these contaminants may not be visible or detectable by smell, even though they could cause health problems for those who occupy the space. Installing proper ventilation with filtration systems ensures that these contaminants are exhausted from your home rather than circulated through it.

If energy efficiency is taken into account during construction, the life cycle costs of using and maintaining a property can be reduced. Attention to sustainable design options such as heat recovery ventilators or demand-controlled ventilation ensures that indoor and outdoor air quality is optimized and that conservation will continue to be a priority throughout the life of the building.

The Fresh Air & Heat Difference

Although we offer excellent ventilation services, we are far more than just that. Fresh Air & Heat is your local small family-owned HVAC company. What that means is we know what it is like to live in the sweltering heat of Florida. Living in the Sunshine State requires you to have a properly functioning HVAC system. However, when your home or business’s ventilation is not working, you will not be able to be cooled down or heated up. This is a problem that should not be left stagnant until the very last minute! When it comes to providing you a high-quality air conditioning service, Fresh Air & Heat should be who you call first.

Fresh Air & Heat’s team of experts can help you with all your HVAC needs, whether it’s commercial or residential. We will help you every step of the way, from coming to your home or business to do an evaluation, to recommending the perfect system for you, to installations and regular maintenance; Fresh Air & Heat has you covered.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality services throughout Brevard County. That is why you can also contact us for your heating or cooling needs. Check them out today!

Ventilation Services in Palm Bay, FL

If you require ductwork, dryer vent maintenance, or blown-in insulation, we have got you covered. Our team of experts here at Fresh Air & Heat is committed to providing you with the best ventilation services around. We are available for both residential and commercial services. Even if you do not require ventilation services in Palm Bay or other surrounding areas, we offer various heating and cooling services year-round. Call us today at 321-474-6314 to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.