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Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair Service

Living in Florida, we don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get chilly; after all, what are regular temperatures to many could be freezing for us! That is why having a working heat pump is important to maintain a proper routine when it’s time to pull out the winter gear, in your professional and personal life. Our team of heating experts here at Fresh Air & Heat have a team ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that the heat pump in your home or commercial building is repaired as soon as possible. Whether it’s a maintenance fix, or a full on repair and replacement, we are the ones to get it done as efficiently as possible. Our team of experts say that it is best to get your heat pump checked at least once a year. That way, we can fix any small issues or occurrences to not only save you time and money, but prevent bigger problems in the future. 

Do you think that your heat pump is experiencing damages or difficulties? Contact Fresh Air & Heat to get your heat pump checked before it’s too late. Our team of HVAC professionals are here for all of your HVAC needs, no matter the day.

When Do I Need A Heat Pump Repair?

The heat pump is an important component of your home that you will need to maintain before the cold weather sets in. If you don’t, then it can lead to some major problems with your heating system and could cause a lot of damage. There are many different things that can happen if you neglect maintenance on your heat pump, so make sure to call for repairs when necessary.

If your heat pump breaks down, then you can have issues with the air quality in your home. This is because a broken heat pump will not function properly and this could cause carbon monoxide to build up inside your house. If left unattended for too long, it could be very dangerous to everyone’s health.

If you are experiencing issues with your heating, it may be time to contact one of our experts to properly diagnose the problem, as well as advise you on the correct action to take. Here are some common issues that signal that it may be time to schedule a heat pump repair:

  • Frozen Coils
  • Energy Bills Rising
  • Strange Sounds
  • No AC or Heat
  • Frequently Turning Off

There are many reasons why you might need heat pump repair service. If there is a problem with your system, then it could be leaking refrigerant or causing some other issues. It’s important to get these kinds of problems fixed quickly in order to avoid damage and further complications down the line. If you are experiencing any of the following, contact our team of heat pump experts at Fresh Air & Heat today!

Frozen Coils

If your heat pump coils keep freezing over regularly, there might be an issue with the air filter or a possible leak. One of our experienced technicians at Fresh Air & Heat will be able to diagnose the problem and determine the best solution for you. They will be able to repair your pump during the service call and have your heat pump up and running optimally once again.

When your coils are covered with ice, it prevents the transfer of heat between the refrigerant and the outside air and impedes its operation. Ice in the coils can damage your unit beyond repair. Ice can damage the fins and fan blades.

Over time iced coils will warp your heat pump’s frame, which can lead to even more complications. We recommend that you call us when this occurs so we may come out and take a look at it for you.

Energy Bills Rising

Are your energy bills continuing to rise even though you haven’t made any changes? Your heat pump might be the source of the problem. As we mentioned before, the issue could be related to the coils being frozen or damaged, in turn causing the system to have to work twice as hard to produce the same results. Scheduling a heat pump repair could help tackle this problem as a trained technician can get to the root of the problem and determine what needs to be fixed in order to get your pump working again.

Strange Sounds

Do you randomly hear squealing or loud noises coming from your heat pump? If so, then you likely will need a pump repair or replacement. While hearing some noise coming from your system is normal and should be expected, once you begin hearing unnatural and distinctly loud noises, then it’s time to call one of our technicians at Fresh Air & Heat. They will be able to advise you as to whether you will benefit from a full replacement or whether a repair can take care of the problem.

No AC or Heat

Is your AC not working? What about your heat? If you are not receiving any AC flow, it could be that your heat pump system needs a repair. Although AC is the opposite of heat and you might not think that the heat is related to the issue, there are times when the heat valve has been reversed and no longer allows for cooling to enter the home. When you find yourself with this issue, it is best to contact a technician so that they can determine whether it is a problem with your heat pump an you need a repair or whether it is a different problem altogether.

A heat pump system needs to have unrestricted airflow through the outdoor coil to work at its best. If your system is running harder than it should, or not heating effectively, visit the outdoor unit and look for debris. If the unit is blocked in any way, remove the source of the blockage, then continue monitoring the temperature inside. If you still have issues it’s time to contact a professional.

Frequently Turning Off

Does you heating system frequently turn off? It could be that the system is short cycling. It is extremely important to schedule a service and have an experienced technician take a look at your heating system. Even though your pump may be keeping your home as cool or hot as you would like, if you don’t get an expert to take a look at it, the system will deteriorate and you will find yourself having to get a full replacement instead of a simple heat pump repair.

Heat Pump Repair Service at Fresh Air & Heat

Heat pumps are known for being very efficient and long-lasting; however, like any other appliance or device, they do require occasional maintenance. At Fresh Air & Heat we want to make sure that you can enjoy your heat pump’s comfort for as many years as possible by providing the best in preventative heat pump services.

Don’t wait any longer than you have to when you experience any of the issues mentioned above, as it could cause you to spend more than what you would’ve if you would have acted sooner. Instead of needing a full replacement, most of the time when the issues mentioned are addressed early, you can get a heat pump repair and forego having to fully replace the entire system. If you find yourself needing a heat pump replacement, our trained experts at Fresh Air & Heat are here to help! Don’t wait any longer and get a repair when you experience any of those issues mentioned above.

Are you ready to get your heat pump repaired so you can live comfortably? Call Fresh Air & Heat today at 321-474-6314!