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Ductwork Services

Ductwork Services, Repairs, & Duct Sealing

Improving Your Ductwork to Enhance Your Air Quality

Did you know that proper ductwork can circulate over a thousand cubic feet of cool air per minute? That constant flow of cool air throughout your home, especially in the hot and humid Florida climate, is why scheduling ductwork services are so essential. Ductwork enables the circulation of the conditioned air from your heating and cooling systems to different areas of your home or office. If your ducts are leaky, dirty, or damaged, your comfort and indoor air quality can suffer significantly. At Fresh Air & Heat, we provide reliable ductwork repairs throughout Brevard County and Florida’s Space Coast.

Our HVAC dust services can address the following signs of compromised or damaged ducts:  

  • Rooms that are challenging to heat or cool
  • Rooms that feel stuffy and uncomfortable
  • Rising utility bills in the summer and winter
  • Damage to ductwork in the attic, garage, or crawl space
  • Flexible ducts to replace those that are kinked or tangled

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Inspecting Your DuctworkDuctwork

If you have questions about your ductwork or how to care for it, contact our expert team of duct cleaners today. Minor issues, such as visible tears, are usually something that many homeowners can take care of themselves if they have the right kind of tape. Be advised that any fabric-backed tape will deteriorate over time, so do not expect them to last for very long. Either mastic or foil-backed tape can fix leaky tears or holes for more long-term protection. Be sure to pay attention to the areas where the ducts meet the walls, as air can easily escape this area if its security is in danger of compromise.

There are signs that you should pay attention to, telling you that you may need duct repair. You might notice that your energy bill is continuously rising. This occurrence may signify air leaking in your ductwork, making your system work harder to reach the desired temperature. If you notice that your property has any hot or cold spots, this is a sign. Hearing any strange noises such as a continuous rattling or vibration is a sign that something could be loose or need repair.

When Your Ducts Accumulate Dust

Living in Florida, you are no stranger to dust. You are likely to get any area of your home clean for just a second before dust begins accumulating again. The same goes for your ducts, even if they are far more challenging to clean than the rest of your home.
Over time, dust, pollen, pet dander, mites, bacteria, and other debris make their way into your ducts and build up. When you turn on your HVAC system, these contaminants then release into your home or business. Our duct cleaning services include removing dirt, debris, and other pollutants from your ductwork to restore airflow and improve indoor air quality.

When dust, allergens, and dirt can build up in your ductwork over time. While affecting airflow, this can also aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms of those who live inside the home while making your home dusty. Duct cleaning helps to ensure you have clean indoor air and a system that’s working efficiently.

Not only that, but a significant buildup of dust or pollen can also result in leaks forming in your ducts. Addressing leaky ductwork is essential for maintaining optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Doing so also reduces the strain on your heating and cooling equipment, helping your HVAC systems last longer. By duct encapsulation and sealing gaps and joints in the ductwork, we can prevent air loss and help your system run more efficiently.

Duct Insulation 

Exposed ducts in the attic are subject to the more extreme temperatures of the attic instead of the living space. This exposure means that when your attic is cold in the winter, warm air from your furnace needs to pass through cold ductwork, which cools the air and forces your furnace to run longer to raise the home’s temperature. The reverse is true in the summer. Duct insulation keeps your ductwork at a steady temperature, meaning the air moving through the ducts isn’t affected and will change the temperature of your home more quickly.

Our Promise

Fresh Air & Heat is where integrity meets excellence. We are a small family-owned and operated business that is chasing the American dream. Our team has 15 years of local experience servicing all air conditioning. Whether residential and small commercial air conditioning and heating systems, we here at Fresh Air & Heat can help. We also provide some of the best insulation services in Palm Bay, FL. Our team strives to be sure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied. We fix it the first time and guarantee our work. All services come with reasonable pricing to make sure you’re comfortable without breaking the bank. Try us, and you will agree that a little fresh air is all you need.

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