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Replacing Your Air Filter Too Often? Here's Why.

Air filters are essential for keeping dust and debris out of the units and our homes, allowing HVACs to perform their functions effectively and without unnecessary…

admin May 27, 2022

How Often Should I Change My Air Filters?

When you notice your A/C unit is running as smoothly as it should, checking the filter is always a good place to start. Filter replacements are essential for keeping…

admin May 27, 2022
How SEER Ratings Can Improve Your Energy Bills

How SEER Ratings Can Improve Your Energy Bills

When the time comes to pick out and install a new air conditioning in your home, learning about the newest air conditioning standards and technology may help you…

admin May 2, 2022

Hurricane Prep for Your Home

As Floridians, Fresh Air and Heat know that living in the sunshine state has its benefits and faults. One of the most significant faults we can agree on is Hurricane…

admin April 21, 2022