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Residential AC Services

Residential Air Conditioning Services in Brevard County, FL

Here at Fresh Air & Heat, we understand the importance of a reliable AC. There is nothing worse than requiring a residential air conditioning services in Brevard County, FL during the hot summer months. Especially when it’s in the Florida heat, those of us at Fresh Air & Heat understand how keeping calm is essential.

Of course, there’s more to an AC Unit than just having it repaired or maintained. Sometimes you’ve just built a new home and need to have an AC Unit installed. Our team of experts can identify the best unit for your new home and how to keep it running as long as possible.

This need for inspection, of course, applies to when you move into a previously owned home as well. Some homes go years without maintaining, repairing, or replacing the AC Unit. Allow us to come to inspect your unit and make sure it’s up to the proper standards. There is nothing worse than moving into a new home and immediately having to begin house maintenance.

Why You Shouldn’t Turn Up Your AC

We live in Florida. If you’re not already running your AC 24/7, you will probably use it most of the year. That kind of wear and tear will weigh on anything. Eventually, it will need maintenance or repair.

If you find your AC requires maintenance or repair, rely on our team of trained AC technicians to get, the job done right and promptly. We provide professional diagnosis and respective advice to find you an AC solution so that you’re not sweltering in the hot Florida weather and to help keep that solution running at its best.

Of course, it can be challenging to know when it is that your AC unit needs repair. That’s why it’s good to understand what you should be on the lookout for and when is the proper time to give us a call so one of our technicians can come to help you.

How to Keep Your AC Unit Running at Its Best

While we are always willing to offer our business to you, we understand that most residents leave calling out an AC Technician as a last resort to a problem. What’s important to understand is that you can avoid this becoming the last resort option if you follow the proper maintenance ahead of time. Not only does this mean occasionally calling out a technician for regular maintenance but following your own regular maintenance rules as well.

A lot of at-home maintenance can be done on your residential AC unit, and it will not only lengthen the lifespan of your AC unit, but it can avoid having to call out a technician for your residential air conditioning services in Brevard County, FL beyond regular maintenance.

Clean your unit

Your unit will last longer if it stays cleaner. If you constantly ignore your unit, then the debris will build up around it and inside it. That debris can cause damage to the entire unit and eventually lead to cracks or internal issues that will force you to call out a technician.

Replace the filters

You should always regularly replace your AC filters whenever possible. These filters build up with decay and protect your unit. If you do not get a replacement filter, then your unit can accrue buildup inside the unit. This buildup will then lead to even further damage. Consider this a regular part of your keeping your unit clean.

Have a good thermostat

Yes, even the mighty thermostat is part of maintaining a healthy AC unit. Your thermostat controls everything temperature-related, and as a result, it will have a strong command over how your AC unit is operating daily. If your thermostat is faulty, then your unit might begin operating in weird cycles. It can even fail to work entirely. A good thermostat will keep your AC consistent, your bills down, and your home happy.

Annual Maintenance

There are some parts of an AC unit that can only be looked at by a trained technician. We can see beyond the obvious and catch issues ahead of time. We can help prevent more expensive problems for you down the line. Having an annual inspection of your machine is essential. Any time of the year is good, especially if you think your unit hasn’t been performing optimally, but many people like to have their unit inspected towards the beginning of spring.

Signs You Need a Residential Air Conditioning Service Inspection

Fresh Air and Heat offer many services to keep your AC working right throughout the year so that you’re comfortable no matter the weather. Whether you need AC or Heating services, Fresh Air and Heat can help with repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance. Yet, how do you know when it’s time to call for residential ac services?

Too Loud

If your AC unit makes a lot of noise when running, it may indicate the unit is working too hard to produce the expected results. It’s essential to get this checked by professionals before the problem worsens.

It’s Still Hot

Is your AC running, yet your home still feels too warm? This sign is one of the most noticeable indications of an AC system that needs repair, especially if you live in Florida. When your AC isn’t working right, you’ll not just know it—you’ll feel it, too!

Costly Electric Bills

When an AC is working overtime to meet temperature demands, it can run your electricity bills sky-high. If you notice that your price of electricity bills are increasing without an apparent reason, you may want to have your AC inspected.

Visual Damage

It’s essential to look at your AC Unit every once in a while. You don’t need to get inside it and inspect it yourself, but just walking by and making sure everything looks right is never a bad idea. Do you see any visible cracks? Maybe you suspect that the surrounding material looks weak. Did a recent storm bend something recently? Visual damage is usually an indicator that there may be deeper problems beneath.

An odd smell

You don’t want to smell anything when your AC Unit is running except for crisp, clean air. If you ever notice an odd smell when your AC kicks up, then you may want to call one of our technicians for an inspection. Water could be building up beneath where you can’t see, or a creature could have found its way inside your unit. Whatever the reason, it can’t be a good one if there’s an odor.

Our Team is Always Ready

In Florida, your AC must be working in optimal condition. Be it for installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance to help keep the AC unit running right, contact Fresh Air and Heat for all of your AC needs!

Our team of professionals will be more than happy to come to your residence and perform an inspection of your unit. We offer 24/7 service around the clock, so there will never be a time that we aren’t a quick call away. We want your A/C unit to last as long as possible, and with our team of experts, we can help make that happen with our residential ac services.

If you ever feel that your A/C unit is acting up, don’t wait on calling us. What might seem like a minor inconvenience now could turn into a major one later on. The last thing you need is a broken A/C in the hot summer months. Our team of experts can catch these problems early and make the necessary repairs to prevent them from turning into disasters.

Whether it’s the middle of the holiday season, during the hot summer, or just a regular day in the middle of the year, we are always on call and ready. It’s what we do.

Residential Air Conditioning Services in Brevard County, FL

Hopefully, this page has assured you that we know what’s best for you regarding your residential ac services when it comes to your AC unit. You can contact our Fresh Air and Heat team at 321-474-6314 to schedule an inspection or repair of your unit.

You can also schedule online at our home page or send an email to or visit our contact page.