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Residential AC Maintenance

Preventing AC Breakdowns by Addressing Problems Early

Keeping Your AC Unit Healthy with Routine Home AC Maintenance 

Home AC Maintenance

Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for no reason. Our summer (and often spring, fall, and even winter) seasons can be blisteringly hot and just overall uncomfortable if you do not have a properly working air conditioning unit! The last thing you will ever want is to have your AC unit break down, thus causing an uncomfortable environment for you and your family. The best way to prevent a surprise breakdown is to conduct routine AC maintenance on your units.

Trust Fresh Air and Heat

At Fresh Air and Heat, we put our 15 years of experience to use when evaluating, maintaining, and improving your AC system with our Home AC Maintenance, so you don’t have to worry. We recommend having your unit inspected every year or whenever you believe that something requires a repair. You will have peace of mind knowing that our team of experts will be able to provide the best care and service for your air conditioner in Brevard County.

The Benefits of Residential/Home AC Maintenance

Prevent Surprise Breakdowns

When we check your AC unit once or twice a year, we can identify any potential problems and address those immediately. If a wire is not functioning, we can replace it. On the other hand, if a pipe is clogged, we can clear it, all done before a more significant and more costly problem occurs.

Your AC unit may be having minor problems that have easy fixes. But often, small issues can turn into significant issues that could damage your entire system if they don’t get taken care of. A professional technician is likely to identify these minor problems and can fix them quickly. AC systems are not cheap to install, so it would be wise to protect your investment.

Provide Longevity to Your AC Unit

Just as taking care of your car with maintenance and oil changes, maintenance visits will extend the life of your AC unit. With routine appointments, your AC can last its entire lifespan or even beyond!

Enhanced Air Quality

Much of the air you breathe comes directly from your AC unit. When an AC is poorly maintained, the air quality can be full of dust, dirt, and even bacteria. Our team can cleanse the AC unit of the build-up to give you improved air quality overall. When your system doesn’t receive regular cleanings or maintenance, your filters can cause issues. The more junk they filter out, the more junk stays inside of the system. If there is enough build-up, your system can malfunction. A dirty air filter can contaminate the air.

Energy Efficiency From Residential/Home AC Maintenance

When your AC unit is clean, maintained, and efficient, it does not need to work as hard throughout the day. This means you’ll save money and help the environment by using less energy to start up and cool your rooms. The sooner you fix your ineffective AC unit, the sooner you will be able to start saving money.

Cooler Air

With a finely tuned AC unit, the air produced can be made much colder and more comfortable than ever before. You may notice that your ‘normal’ comfortable temperature feels too cold after a tune-up!

home ac maintenance

What We Check and Maintain During Residential AC Maintenance

Your AC unit has many minute parts that require special attention to maintain and keep running smoothly. By neglecting the maintenance of your unit, it will slowly lose efficiency and degrade over the years. You may start to notice that your AC runs longer or cools less efficiently than before. And in many cases, an AC unit that hasn’t had maintenance performed in several years can even break down and stop working entirely. At Fresh Air and Heat, we care about the comfort of you and your family, so we evaluate the health of every part of your AC unit when doing routine maintenance. The areas we provide routine maintenance for include:

Air Conditioner Filter

Your AC filter is one of the most critical areas of your machine and needs routine replacements to ensure the proper working order and fresh air. A dirty filter will block airflow as well as contaminate it, pushing dirt, debris, and bacteria throughout your home. Old air filters can even increase the overall energy consumption of the unit!

Condensate Drains

If you’ve noticed water or moisture in or around your AC unit, then your condensate drain may be clogged. If left clogged, this could cause a flood in your home! The condensate drain helps your AC reduce humidity, but if it can’t do its job, that humidity will escape to your business.

Air Conditioner Coils

Over time, your AC coils will collect dirt and dust during regular use. If not cleaned off with Residential AC Maintenance, this dirt will get pushed throughout your house through the vents and even block total airflow from happening. These should be routinely wiped off and cleaned to ensure healthy airflow.

Window and Door Seals

Many AC units have seals around the door or window unit to prevent the cool air from escaping and warm air from penetrating the home. Our technicians check these seals and make sure they are tight so that the air does not escape. If there are holes in these seals, your AC unit will be working harder than it needs to, leading to more frequent and sooner breakdowns.

Check Refrigerant

Your AC unit uses refrigerant to cool down the air and cycle it through your house. If this is low or empty, you’ll find your AC unable to keep your home cool properly, and it will run for long periods without doing much. We measure how much you have left, check for leaks, and add more if necessary.

Check Thermostat Accuracy

When you set your home to a specific temperature, you expect it to stay at that exact temperature. If a thermostat is un-calibrated, it can make your home cooler or warmer than you want. By checking the accuracy, you can save on energy efficiency.

The Fresh Air and Heat Difference

Our team of experienced HVAC technicians has been working on both residential and commercial AC units for over 15 years! This gives us an in-depth understanding of the unit and your specific needs. We pride ourselves on customer service and know that no project is too big or too small to be tackled and handled effectively. Our goal is to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your service, whether AC maintenance, repair, or even replacement. When we fix or maintain your unit, we guarantee it will work again.

We are also professionals working with AC units in the Florida environment. Here in Brevard, sea salt is everywhere, and the weather is particularly temperamental. We know that our state is subject to extreme heat, sudden rainfall, and even hurricanes, so our services are designed and tailored to make sure you stay comfortable no matter what the season or weather brings.

Contact Us

While routine Residential/Home AC Maintenance is critical for keeping your AC unit healthy and running smoothly, there are times that severe problems do occur. Fresh Air and Heat is here to help you in any situation, big or small. So if a breakdown does occur, our team can come over and do their best to fix it. In some cases of very old, damaged, or poorly maintained units, AC replacement may also be necessary. Our team is skilled at replacing units and installing new ones and will do our best to get your project done on time so you and your family can feel comfortable again.

We recommend maintenance before every new season, so schedule yours today by calling 321-474-6314. We look forward to working with you and your business.