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Commercial AC Services

Commercial Air Conditioning Service & Repair

At Fresh Air and Heat, we know that every business needs air conditioning. We also know that air conditioning is important for you, your employees, and your customers not only for comfort but for your business’s success. What residential and commercial AC units have in common is that they both require regular inspection and maintenance to fix small issues and perform their best. No one wants a broken AC unit in July right? Fresh Air and Heat’s team of experts is always ready to provide top quality commercial air conditioning service for your commercial space and to ensure it’s running healthily with commercial AC repair. 

Our team will come to check out your business space and make a recommendation on a unit that will fit your business’ needs the best, including the price. Our team will also make sure that your system is running at all times with regular maintenance. Call Fresh Air and Heat today to speak to one of our experts. Fresh Air and Heat offers a variety of services in order to keep your AC working right through your corridor of offices. 

What Our Commercial Air Conditioning Services Can Do For You

We promise we can help commercial air conditioning service, repair, install, or even replace your AC unit in a short amount of time as we know work time can never be brought back. When your AC isn’t working right, you’ll not just know it—you’ll feel it, too! Here are some the factors we think about when determining the diagnosis for your commercial AC unit: 

Your unit is too hot
  • Does the majority of the team agree that your building feels that your building is too warm? If your business/company is located in Florida, this is a sign that your commercial AC unit needs to be repaired as soon as possible. 
Your unit is too loud
  • If your team begins to feel distracted and is unable to focus due to the AC unit makes a lot of noise when running, this may indicate that the commercial AC unit itself is working a little too hard which is why you should call us for commercial AC repair so that the unit can be checked by professionals before the problem worsens which will further disrupt your duties. 
Your unit is emitting an odd smell
  • You don’t want to smell anything when your AC Unit is running except for crisp clean air. If you ever notice an odd smell when your AC kicks up then you may want to call one of our technicians for an inspection. Water could be building up beneath where you can’t see or a creature could have found its way inside your unit. Whatever the reason, it can’t be a good one if there’s an odor.
Your electric bills are increasing
  • When an AC is working overtime to meet temperature demands, it can run your electricity bills sky-high. If you notice that your price of electricity bills are increasing without a noticeable reason, you may want to have your AC inspected.
You notice that your unit has visual damage
  • It’s important to just go look at your AC Unit every once in a while. You don’t need to get inside it and inspect it on your own, but just walking by and making sure everything looks right is never a bad idea. Do you see any visible cracks? Does the surrounding material look weak? Did a recent storm bend something? Visual damage is usually an indicator that there may be deeper problems beneath, and you should start looking into commercial AC repair. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Units We Have Encountered

We have experienced many different types of units in our years of experience and service. The weather in Florida can produce heavy demand for Florida’s business industry. This is why sometimes an AC unit gets to the point where it has to be replaced. Rest assured, we have installed a variety of different Commercial HVAC Units including the following:

Single-Split System
  • These systems are quite ideal if your business is either a café or a small office, but it’s also great for a cozy space. If your business will eventually expand long term and if there is already a small outdoor unit and an indoor unit, we will recommend this system.
Multi-Split System
  • This system basically connects to a single, outdoor unit and is known for being installed when there is a large office, retail shop, or a doctor’s office. If we see that your business consists of multiple walls as well as multiple floors, we will recommend this system.
VRF Systems
  • We generally install this system whenever we encounter small or large commercial properties.  

What is important to know is that commercial air conditioning units will not always be the same with different systems and priorities for different businesses. While many units will be found on the roof of buildings because it is out of the way and safe from any potential damage, but this will not always be the case. Many smaller businesses will still use the standard single unit A/C that you see in most homes, while larger businesses usually go for multiple units for either one building or spanning across different buildings. Whatever unit you have, you can rest assured that we will do our best to give you the best service possible on it. 

The Process

The main goal throughout our entire process is to ensure that it is the commercial-friendly meaning we are keeping in mind the needs of the hard workers within the space. Since every space has different specifications and requirements, we are comfortable working around those plans. We also apply our years of experience and our ability to negotiate costs as commercial AC installations/repairs can be quite expensive.  If you are simply just looking for solutions regarding your commercial AC unit problem or are in desperate need of a commercial AC installation contractor, we are here to help in whatever way you need. 

Installation Team

The Fresh Air and Heat team has performed a variety of different commercial air conditioning installations across a number of different applications. As mentioned above, you can see that we are quite capable of performing installations/repairs of split systems, VRF systems, as well as air handlers. The reason you should trust Fresh Air and Heat over any other team in Florida is the idea that we are able to cultivate a variety of different solutions to discuss with you and with that, guide you through the decision of which one you would like to go with. We promise that our team has gone through highly intensive training as well as undergone a certification process so that they can work on all types of different commercial worksites. 

Contact Information

Do you need high-quality A/C services for your commercial business? One that can come out periodically to apply repairs, maintenance, and keep your AC unit running for as long as possible? Then look towards Fresh Air and Heat. Our AC services are top-notch for anyone in the area. 

We hope that this page has assured you that Fresh Air and Heat know what’s best when it comes to the replacement or commercial AC repair of your commercial AC units. If your unit is somewhere in the 10-20 years of age and you start to see negative effects we highly recommend that you email us at or call us at. Feel free to ask any remaining questions you have as well.