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AC Contractors

Calling AC Contractors can be scary. You don’t know if they’re qualified, if it’s a repair job, it could be costly, and if it’s costly, then you want to be sure it’s taken care of correctly the first time. One wrong move on the contractor’s part can cost you big time. That is a lot of unnecessary and often stressful pressure on you as the consumer to make your decision correctly the first time around.

Luckily for you, there should always be an easy answer right in your phone book. The A/C Technicians here at Fresh Air and Heat in Melbourne are the most qualified in the area. We have 24/7 emergency services meaning our Technicians are always available at a moment’s notice, no matter what time of day. Just returned from a long trip and realized that your air conditioning burned out while you were gone? Whether it’s a Monday afternoon or a Sunday evening, our AC Contractors are available for you.

Why Fresh Air and Heat?

Have you ever called a service to have them help you with a problem that arose only to discover that they aren’t qualified to solve your issue? That won’t happen with Fresh Air and Heat. Our technicians specialize in ventilation and heating and A/C, which is all too important in Florida. Even our most experienced Technicians go through an extensive training process where they learn how to spot even the smallest of issues immediately. Don’t spend another day burning up in the heat when our Technicians are available at the drop of a hat for you.

We’re Dependable

Our technicians don’t just work on specific kinds of A/C units either. It does not matter if you’re a commercial business that needs to purchase or repair a unit for a large office building or a resident that needs to keep your family of four cooled off. We’ll have an expertly trained Technician for any job you need, big or small. Our variety in service offerings and wide-ranging expertise not only makes us flexible but it proves that we’re dependable. We will always have the right A/C Technicians available for any job.

We’re Experienced

You will consistently get with the A/C Technicians from Fresh Air and Heat is a well-known name. This isn’t some start-up that can go south at one lousy investment. We’ve been in operation for 15 years, and our family-owned ties prove we’re an operation that knows how to keep a business running. People rely on us; our reviews tell the story of a company that has earned the trust of its customers. When we’re working on the A//C that will keep your home cool, we know that we’re putting our name out there. In a place like Brevard, word of mouth will get around pretty quickly, which means the word will get back to our own family. We don’t want to hear anyone talk badly about our family, which means we put our best foot forward in every project we work on.

We Work With You, For You

Hopefully, you’ve gained some trust in our AC Contractors now, but there are reasons to call us beyond fixing something. We can make sure that you don’t have to call us for the expensive parts of an Air Conditioning unit, for starters. Our Technicians can help you with anything your A/C unit needs, whether it is a simple checkup or a complete replacement. You can expect the family-owned love and care extended towards you during whatever job we are helping you with.


Residential A/C

You’ve just moved into your new home. How exciting, even it does have three previous owners! Unfortunately, you have stumbled across a significant problem; the same A/C from the home’s construction is still in operation. This is the perfect opportunity to call out one of our highly experienced and extensively trained A/C Technicians to give your new home a much-needed inspection. The last thing you want is to get comfortable, thrilled with your purchase, only to find out that your new A/C has never had maintenance. If you care about your A/C unit and your home, you need to check your unit frequently. Don’t just wait for a problem. Catch it before it gets bad, and you can do that by setting up regular inspections. New A/C’s require inspections once every other year, but older ones will need to be looked at more often. However, it is crucial that you immediately contact Fresh Air and Heat if you find something even the slightest bit off with your A/C.

That is why it is also crucial that you are consistently keeping your A/C maintained when problems do arise. Some common issues that don’t get looked at enough are suddenly rising electricity bills, not enough cooling, filters, thermostat malfunctions, and just generally keeping it clean. If you notice a problem arise, don’t wait. Call one of our AC Contactors. We will have them over as soon as possible to solve the solution. A/C Units are expensive to replace, but by comparison, they are inexpensive to maintain or repair.


Commercial A/C

Our AC Contractors can also help you pick out the best possible A/C unit for your situation. This is particularly helpful for commercial businesses. Finding the suitable A/C Unit can be difficult because you need to find one that will take too much cost away from your daily business. You want something that’ll keep your employees comfortable but not freezing. Something cost-effective but not low in quality. Our experts can help you with that. Whether you’re taking over a previously owned property or building your own, our technicians can come to inspect your unit and tell you what is the best one for you. We’ve been at this for 15 years, and our reviews agree that we are one of the best options, if not the best, in the county. We hope you decide to become one of our newest rave reviews.

One of our commercial businesses’ services is more regular checkups than we would the average A/C Unit. The average commercial business HVAC system can last 15-20 years, but only if you take care of it. The last thing you want as a business is an A/C failure in the middle of summer in Florida. You will be miserable, your employees will be miserable, but more importantly, your customers will be miserable. Don’t let this happen; contact Fresh Air and Heat before it is too late.


Contact Us

Hopefully, all of this is enough to convince you that our A/C team should be your first call. We are readily available at all times, thanks to our 24/7 service. Not only that, but we are experts in our field and have proven that over 15 years. Our customers rave about us, and we would love to make you one of them. Give our AC Contractors a call at 321-474-6314, and you will not be disappointed by what they’re able to do for you.