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Make Sure You’re Prepared For The Fall With A Heating Unit Repair

Living in Florida, most people don’t expect the fall season to be frigid. There have been many instances in which fall has been as hot as summer! However, there are also times in which Brevard County residents like you have had to turn on their heater on a cool fall night. That’s where having HVAC repair to check on your heater is a good idea! Despite the heat and humidity we get every day, heaters are crucial to have in your home. Heating Repair is not something you should skip out on!  

You might think that operating and maintaining your heater would be reasonably straightforward. After all, you will not have to use it many times throughout the year, so what could go wrong? A lot. Our experts here at Fresh Air & Heat recommend hiring professionals to inspect and repair your unit, as they will know exactly what to do with any situation that arises. 

Before you hire our team for heating repair services, you can do quite a bit to prepare your unit. Here are some easy tasks you can do to ensure that your unit is ready for repair.

Check That Your Thermostat is Set to HEAT

A silly yet ordinary mistake people often make involves not flipping the switch or hitting the button that says “heat.” It is easy for you to flip the switch when cleaning or moving around accidentally, so it is worth considering if you doubt yourself.

Change Your Filter For Heating Repair

This tip might seem obvious because it is easy to spot when an air filter is dirty. However, it is a step many might forget about doing. Dirty filters are the leading cause of problems with furnaces because of the dirt and dust that gets stuck on them. The heat exchanger can produce enough heat when clogged to overheat itself. It will then shut off, so be sure to unclog dust and dirt and change your filter.

Clear Your Chimney Exhaust Flue For HVAC Repair

If you think that chimneys are uncommon here in Brevard County, you would be right. However, there are a few Old Florida homes that still have small chimneys attached to them. If your home has a chimney, then you must check to see if it is clean. Not only that but birds and trash can quickly get in there and clog the airways. Be sure when you check that you turn off the thermostat and take apart the duct. Then put it back together.

Check or Flush Drain Lines

A furnace drains your home’s water, which means that it will work improperly if these lines get clogged or filled with dirt and debris. An excellent way to clean this is to flush it with bleach and water, make a mixture and let it sit for a bit, then flush it out. The great thing about this tip is that you can easily find your solution in your cabinets or cupboards.

Be Sure That Your Gas is On

You can turn off your home’s gas just as fast as your thermostat. To check, you will want to track the lines from the furnace back to the gas meter. The handle that is there should be parallel. An old furnace has something called a pilot light. Check to see if that is in operation and turn it on if it isn’t.

Heating Repair in Palm Bay, FL

No matter what time of the year it is, Fresh Air & Heat is here for all your heating repair needs. Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals will be able to spot your unit’s problem while also coming up with a solution. With a heating repair, you could be saving money each month! Call our team at Fresh Air and Heat today for your HVAC Repair at 321-474-6314 to schedule a free consultation. Feel free to check out our Facebook page as well for more information!

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