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What Causes Freon Leaks?

One of the most annoying things especially during the summer is turning on your air conditioning unit on a hot day and finding out that there is little to no cold air coming through the system. The majority of drops when it comes to air conditioner performance are due to Freon (refrigerant) loss. One way to catch this is to take a close look at your electric bills. A system that is leaking very little can still increase electrical costs by up to 20%. Most of these freon leaks will need to be examined and treated by licensed professionals.

Physical Damage Causes

Lawnmowers, animals, and children are the three leading causes of damage to an air conditioning unit. With the condenser/compressor system located right next to the home, damage from a lawnmower is entirely possible and happens more often than you’d think. Specifically, mowers that project their cutting out of the side can throw rocks and sticks against the unit causing damage to it. In addition, the mowers can plug up the copper tubing leading into and out of the house. Children as a whole should be not allowed to play on or near the units as well to reduce the chances of physical damage done to the unit itself as well as the children. Further ways to reduce the chances of physical damage include creating a three side block wall around the unit as well as plenty of space left between the unit and other structures for ventilation.

Stress Points Within The Unit

Severa stress points are located in an air conditioning unit, which includes the weld points along the copper lines that lead in and out of the home. The best test of a leak is a nitrogen isolation test that breaks up the system into four sections. In most cases, the most common stress points that will leak are access fittings, which are also referred to as service valves. If you suspect a leaky valve you should call in a professional who can diagnose and repair the problem before it becomes more of an issue.

Consenosr Unit Vibration

Center air conditioning systems operate from two main locations, the blower is located inside of the house while the compressor and condenser unit is located on the outside of the home. The compressor houses a powerful motor and fan unit housed in a metal cabinet. When the system is on, the compressor motor is working nearly 100 percent of the time. An improperly seated outdoor unit can generate severe vibration isolators which can absorb excess movement and keeps the vibration from traveling throughout the rest of the system. If you are suspecting you are having vibration problems then contact a specialist today who can come in and diagnose your freon leaks problem.

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